Bernanke’s New Short Term Interest Rate Approach

Bernanke’s New Short Term Interest Rate Approach

One hot topic regarding today’s economic future is that of the Federal Reserve and the upcoming release of the official’s plans for short-term interest rates over real estate in Orange County market and nation as a whole. Federal Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has been working to utilized several methods, both conventional and unconventional, in an attempt to help continue stimulating the economy whole establishing a sense of trust from others. Since the economic fall of 2008, key industries such as commercial real estate, residential, loans, financing, and employment, have all been under the magnifying glass.

Reported January 4th by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) …the news came on the U.S.’s first trading day of the new year, when investors, cheered in part by a report on improved December manufacturing, sent the DJIA up 179.82 points to 123797.38-the biggest gain in two weeks…sending investors into cheers in part regarding the positive report.

Bernanke’s approach to publicly display the Fed’s internal policy making, which normally would be private, he hopes to build a stronger sense of confidence that could aid in affecting all borrowing interest rates across board for 2012 and future. Historically, the Fed would normally only release reports pertaining to the areas of unemployment, economic growth and inflation which is why many critics argue that Bernanke’s new approach could misconstrue forecasts as ‘Ironclad commitments.”

With various pieces to the puzzle, it’s important to have trust in a team and representative whom demonstrates unfailing confidence over Orange County real estate, knowledge in office space across Orange County, real estate principles, leasing contracts, industry performing forecasts, and each of the elements needed for successful real estate investor and ownership. As Bernanke’s short-term interest rate plan comes to life, from conventional residential home loans to a multi-million dollar loan, the effects can carry large changes for all types of borrowing rates.

Real estate broker’s Jay Carnahan and Bob Thagard, together have built the number one in commercial real estate Orange County. No matter if office space for lease, sale, or purchase is your priority, the ORION team is crucial to have on your side in today’s economy.


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