ORION Finds Success In A Market Of Duress

ORION Finds Success In A Market Of Duress

Throughout history, times of duress in the US economy not only cause much stress within businesses and the community, but also allows for the windows of opportunity to open for those who are willing to climb through. For those daring, entrepreneurial actions do come with elements of risk, however with determination and strong leadership, ORION Property Partners works to bring you the desired high levels of reward and long term success.

Despite the waves of doubt caused by the crash of 2007 and 2008 within the commercial real estate market, companies continue to strive through the down market by pulling out positive returns through real estate transactions designed around points of interest within their favor and its working.

Within a Top Real Estate Deals Special reported by the Orange County Business Journal (OCBJ) just last week, details describe office sales listed around $300 million just last year. The cause: buildings dealing with amounts of financial suffering.

Another interesting point stated that an additional $190 million of last year’s building sales were bought out of distress in 2009 with a short market flip by the new owners for positive returns. The article also continued to point out other valuable points found within the market around the elements of distressed properties:

Distressed Market Facts
• More than 75% of the $634 million in office sales illustrated are directly related to the commercial real estate downturn for their motivation in selling; accounting for the highest percentage seen in Orange County’s listing of the 10 largest office sales since the crash (despite that based on the dollar amount, other years had a greater mass of distressed sales)

• In 2010 about $575 million of the $844 million, or about 68% of local office sales listed in the Top Deals section, were believed to be lender-driven transactions.

• In 2009 about $355 million of the roughly $500 million in large OC office sales, or about 71%, qualified as distressed deals.

• For 2008 roughly $260 million of the $640 million, or 40% of OC’s top office deals, were sales that involved some form of financial distress.

With properties being purchased, flipped, and re-listed, the market is showing potential as office space for lease are moving up to 80% occupancy in locations such as 2050 Main Street, Irvine, which was stated to be only 30% occupied during its’ time of purchase in late 2009.

Even with positive outcomes able to perform in such a market, it’s important to find and understand the market variables that will lead to you that success. For many, working with commercial real estate brokers, ORION Property Partners, brings a unique understanding and ability to succeed in the Orange County real estate market. With years of knowledge combined with a professional team that leads the OC’s office space for lease, ORION knows the details needed for your building’s success.

With the ORION team, clients experience first hand the level of market professionals who live what they do and do what they live for. With successful transactions across Southern California, ORION’s connections are deeply rooted into the community and they’re ultimate drive is to continue through both up and down markets for the future of their clients and Orange County as a whole.



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